Upcoming Barbell Workshops

GTS Barbell Strength Workshop - 12/9/17 at 4 Star Gym, El Segundo

Date: Sat Dec 9, 2017 9-12pm

Location: 4 Star Gym El Segundo, CA

Cost: $49 One Time Purchase for Non-GTS Athletes  / FREE to active GTS Athletes


The GTS Barbell Strength Workshop is a 3-4 hour event that has been structured to improve your all-around basic performance on barbell strength training.   

This workshop was built with you in mind! Whether you are just starting out with strength training, struggling with the basics, or looking to polish your technique and understanding of movement, you will come away feeling refreshed and refined in your overall strength training performance.

Our Barbell Workshop will cover:

  • Movement pattern preparation and warm up
  • Hinge/deadlift patterns (conventional DL, modified sumo DL, romanian deadlift, good mornings, etc )
  • Squat patterns (back squat and/or front squat)
  • Press patterns (overhead press and/or bench press)
  • Row/Pulling patterns (pull ups, barbell rows, etc)
  • Basic programming concepts

We start with the basics in all workshops assuming a novice level of training, and teach all the lifts from scratch.  While improving your form, you'll also have the ability to see and assess others as we correct common technical problems.  Through the entire process, attendees learn the hallmarks of properly executed movements and how they should look and feel when they are performed correctly. 

The workshop is followed by open coaching time where participants can work up on a lift or two of their choice for direct coaching feedback.

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