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USPA Conejo Valley Open Powerlifting Competition

Fantastic job to all the GTS team members who competed this weekend at the USPA Conejo Valley Open! Everyone did a fantastic job hitting personal records and competing in new weight classes! Big thanks to Kyle for helping for the hand-offs, and the rest of the crew who came out to support us!

Check out a few of the videos! (It's a playlist so you can watch them all in order, or click the top left button to switch to who you want to watch!)

Competition Highlights:

  • Lizzy
    • 8 for 9 on attempts in her first sanctioned competition
    • 204 lb squat, 132 lb bench, 253 lb deadlift
    • 589 lb total!
  • Noelle
    • 8 for 9 on attempts & PR's across the board in her first sanctioned competition
    • 231 lb squat, 126 lb bench (missed 132 on a technicality), 286.5 lb deadlift
    • 644 lb total!
  • David T
    • 7 for 9 on attempts & PR's across the board in his first sanctioned competition
    • 330.5 lb squat, 259 lb bench, 363 lb deadlift
    • 952 lb total. The 1000 lb club is within sight!
  • Matt P
    • Set personal records in a new weight class and his second competition. 
    • He went through a super aggressive cut over the last 2 months to get into the 181's.
    • Despite the weight loss he still managed to set a PR in the squat and stay relatively close to his best bench and deadlift numbers.
    • 369 squat, 281 bench, 424 deadlift
    • 1074 lb total
    • And the gold metal for sexiest hair.
  • Marcus H
    • 7 for 9 on attempts & PR's across the board in his first sanctioned competition
    • Not for a lack of strength, more control and technical issues. 
    • Easy 424 squat, 314 bench, 462 deadlift (missing 479.5 for movement at the top) 
    • 1200 lb total on the day taking 3rd in the Junior 220's.
    • He weighed in super light just missed the 198 lb weight class by .1, but didn't have any more energy in him to cut.
    • He has a LOT more in the tank! Looking forward to future competitions.
  • Nnana
    • Killed his first sanctioned competition going 9 for 9 on attempts!
    • 424 squat, 314 bench, 523 deadlift
    • 1261 total!
  • Coach Jason
    • Competed at 198 raw full power for the first time. Weighed in about 195 and about 18 lbs from last competition.
    • Not his best day but managed to keep a good majority of his strength. Played it conservative and passed on his 3rd squat and deadlift attempts so ended up going 6/7 on the day.
    • 468 squat, 286 bench, 573 deadlift
    • 1328 lb total winning the men's Sub-Master.
  • Fitz
    • Had an awesome day going 8/9!
    • 545 squat, 319 bench (missing 336 on a technical), 556 deadlift
    • 1422 total weighing in a 204 lbs!
    • Very impressive day! 



We kicked off the GTS Total Health Challenge on Monday (10/23), it's going to be fun way for us to get ready for the holiday season and stay fit!

Many of our athletes will be testing their maxes in the next few weeks so we should see a lot of fresh personal records soon!

A few recent highlights/personal records (PR's) from our GTS Athletes:

  • Megan squatted 140/5!
  • Aidan hit a smooth PR 225/6 on squats and 175/2 bench!
  • Bert R pumped out a 325/7 on the deadlift.
  • Kelly E demolished some personal records with a 175/6 squat and 205/3 deadlift!
  • Gary C has been making incredible gains across the board in all of his lifts, and is by far the best smelling guy in the gym... perhaps even the state of California?!?!
  • Jerome's set a new personal record in the deadlift with 215/15 (YES 15!), 170/7 Squat, and a 170/4 Bench. Absolutely crushing it!
  • Newton hit an easy 300/6 on the deadlift!
  • Leah C's squatted 155/11 & 190/5, benched 160/2,  and deadlifted 250/3, seven months post micro-fracture surgery of her knee and femur!
  • Beth squatted 145/4, and deadlifted 190/3 coming back after her back injury!
  • Roland's crushing his deadlift and squat numbers!
  • Danielle set a bunch of new personal records including squatting 190/1 & 180/4, benching 115/1, and deadlifting 235/5!

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