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GTS Total Health Challenge

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Great first week! Congrats to all who participated!

Surviving Halloween has certainly been a challenge! Wrapping up our second week and all of our participants seem to be doing really well so far.  Kudos to Renee for having a perfect 30 point score for Week 1 and LeeAnn finishing in a close second with 28 points!

Coach Dennis Sets Sail

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THE PLAN-Dennis' Epic Journey

Coach Dennis recently departed from Megansett Harbor, MA near Martha's Vineyard heading toward Bermuda. After a quick pit stop they'll be on their way to the British Virgin Islands!

Here's the Link if you want to see the GPS Tracker and follow them on their voyage to the Caribabean!

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GTS Athlete Celebrations

What will you do with your new found strength? Chelsey stayed strong through her Rock'n Roll Half Marathon!

What will you do with your new found strength? Chelsey stayed strong through her Rock'n Roll Half Marathon!

A few GTS Athlete training highlights from this week:

  • Chelsey P completed a half marathon while setting new personal records in her strength training!
  • Renee has officially lost 50 lbs and finished and leads after the first week on the GTS Total Health Challenge with a perfect 30 point score!
  • LeeAnn officially lost 20 lbs and has finished the first week of the challenge in second place with a score of 28 points!
  • Leah C has dropped 14 lbs since August while building her strength back up after her knee surger y. 
  • Kurt N had a huge testing day setting Personal Records in all 3 lifts... 220/4 squat, 250/5 deadlift, and a 205/3 bench!
  • Megan H hit a solid 235/5 on the deadlift and set Personal Records on both the squat and bench this training cycle.
  • Joe T completed a 325 deadlift, and a 305 squat! Both Personal Records!
  • MOB had a 210/2 bench, and a 375/2 deadlift!
  • Matt Furman killed this training cycle setting new records in all 3 lifts... 280/3 bench, 445/2 deadlift, and a 345/7 and 365/1 squat!! 
  • Drew Swalley squatted 155 for 12 reps!
  • Carlos deadlifted 260/3!
  • David Z demolished his bench testing day with 140/4!
  • Bert R finished his recent testing day with 275/4 squat, 250/3 Bench, and a 330/7 Deadlift!




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