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GTS Total Health Challenge

Top 10 Leaderboard after Week 3

Top 10 Leaderboard after Week 3

Just about done! 3 weeks of points logged! Great job everyone!

Wrapping up our fourth week and all of our participants seem to be doing really well.  New, healthier habits have been established, and strength/body composition has improved!

Shoutout to Renee, LeeAnn, Zoya, Danielle and Maggie for leading the charge!

Remembering Leland (Lee) Smith 

GTS Athlete Leland (Lee) Smith

GTS Athlete Leland (Lee) Smith

Everyone's favorite training cycle... Drago...

Hiro jacking that sweet steal

Hiro jacking that sweet steal

Many are sharing in the pain of this very challenging higher volume / hypertrophy based block of training. We're currently calling it "Drago"... because well... if they die, they die... 

Intensity is down quite a bit after our last strength phase, but volume is high and the gainz are real! Come share in the pain...

Some recent comments/feedback...

"difficult", "invigorating", "I'm beginning to look like Thor...", "why do you hate me?", "I've been feeling muscles I didn't even realize were there", "what did I do to you?", "I'm seeing pretty rapid results in body composition", "fun", "dreadful", "what did your parents do to you as a child?"... 

Athlete Celebrations - Game Time Strength Best El Segundo Los Angeles Strength Barbell Gym.JPG

GTS Athlete Celebrations

Hiro and Chase working on hip engagement

Hiro and Chase working on hip engagement

A few GTS Athlete training highlights from this week:

Joe having a good cry after watching the Notebook

Joe having a good cry after watching the Notebook

  • Amir had a great strength training cycle and was very excited to set a few new Personal Records. He finished with a 230 squat, 215 bench, and 315/2 deadlift!
  • Drew S set a big rep PR on the squat 170/10!
  • Rob D had huge PR's across the board with a 265/4 deadlift, 200/5 bench, and 215/7 squat!
  • Renee benched 125/1,1,1, squatted 145/1,1,1, and deadlifted 2 plates (225)!
  • Chase wrapped up his strength cycle finishing with a bunch of new rep PRs 235/4 squat, 185/5 bench, and 325/1 deadlift!
  • Kurt getting major PR's with a 225/4 Squat and 255/7 deadlift!
  • Congrats to Roland for setting new PR's with a 155/3 squat, 140/2 bench, and a 225/3 deadlift!



Welcome to new GTS Athletes Eddie, Alyssa, Jeff F and welcome back to Jorge M and Leah T! 

Make sure to give them a warm welcome if you see them around the gym or on our private Facebook Training Group!

Coming Soon... The GTS Barbell Workshop

workshop - Barbell strength squat bench deadlift press row pull - El Segundo Game Time Strength Los Angeles Seminar Training.JPG

We'll be sending out a link next week to a 3 hour Barbell Strength Workshop we'll be hosting at 4 Star Gym in El Segundo.

Date: December 9, 2017, 9-12pm

Cost: $49 (Free for GTS Athletes)

OPEN TO ALL - Limited spots available! 

In this workshop we'll be reviewing all of the big compound barbell lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, press, row/pull patterns) and their variations. 

At the end of the workshop we'll have time for you to practice any lift of your choice and receive coaching feedback. 


At Game Time Strength our mission is to optimize movement, live lean, build muscle and get strong!  We provide personal training, group/team training and customized online program design for beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters and athletes. Our online training system serves athletes all over the globe!

Our local strength and barbell coaching service operates out of 4 Star Gym, the best 24 hour access strength gym in Los Angeles, serving all of the Beach Cities including Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Culver City, Venice, Inglewood, Hawthorne, LAX, Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, Lawndale.