GTS Athlete Weigh In / Updates - Monday 10.9.17 (Oct.WK2)

I don't normally eat lollipops... but when I do, I track them in MyFitnessPal!

I don't normally eat lollipops... but when I do, I track them in MyFitnessPal!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  • GTS Mindset - Time Management (168 Hours)
  • 28 Day Training & Nutrition Challenge (Sign up!)
  • GTS Nutrition - (Video) Simple single pot meal prep template
  • Training Education - What is Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)?
  • Athlete Celebrations - Justin B's getting married!
Get your mind right!

Get your mind right!

Love me some TED talks!  Thanks to Megan for recommending this one!

Time Management is something we all struggle with, this is an amazing talk by Laura Vanderkam.

"I don't have time to... train, meal prep, walk, stretch, meditate, etc"

False. Time is a choice.  "I don't have time" = "It's not a priority"

We all start with 168 hours in a week (24 hours x 7 days).  Even the most successful people in the world!

  • Assuming we all sleep 8 hours per night... that's 56 hours of sleep off the top.  
  • Based on that if you work...
    • 40 hours per week, you'll have 72 hours for other things.
    • 50 hours per week, you'll have 62 hours for other things.
    • 60 hours per week, you'll have 52 hours for other things. 
    • What are you doing with those extra hours?
GTS Total Health Challenge - Nutrition Fat Loss Strength Los Angeles Personal Group Trainer.jpg

GTS Total Health Challenge

Really excited to share this!  We'll be hosting a 28 Day Nutrition/Training Challenge starting on Monday 10/23!

The challenge will lead us right into Thanksgiving so it will be an awesome way to lock things down as we lead into the holiday season. 

Check out the challenge website for more details and SIGN UP TODAY!!!! 
Invite a friend local or online! If they sign up your entry is free!

Nutrition 2 Fatloss meal prep - Game Time Strength Best Fat Loss Training Strength Los Angeles El Segundo.JPG

This is a simple, easy meal prep template I use myself and with our athletes at The single pot strategy is much like a stir fry and is a great way to spice up protein and vegetable based meals. 

Our template consists of an assortment of vegetables which are entirely interchangeable. For simplicity, cost and time purposes I purchase most of my vegetables pre-cut and packaged, but feel free to get them from a farmers market, organic, etc. 

Protein is also interchangeable. In this example I'm using chicken because I find that I can cook it earlier in the week and it keeps well in the refrigerator for a while. For some variety I'll also rotate in some lean ground beef, steak, lean ground turkey and or ground turkey, fish, etc. 

We also discuss how to enhance the flavor of your meals through things like seasonings, salsas, sauces, and soup stock. 

Other additions to this template include oils, carb sources like rice, quinoa, potatoes, beans, lentils, etc. I've also had success adding a serving size of frozen French fries or sweet potato fries into the mixture with great success!

Quantity does make a difference! So if you have a weight loss or weight gaining goal, I encourage you to weigh and measure your food and keep track in a journal or app. 

For me, I split up a whole pot like this into 3 meals which I eat throughout the day in addition to breakfast and dinner. To simplify things on my tracking application I add all of this as one meal instead of logging it as three separate meals. But depending on your calorie and macro count you might be able to break up a pot like this into two or more days!

For more information regarding our local and online training and nutrition program check us out at!

Training Education - JB - Game Time Strength GTS Best Los Angeles Strength Barbell Training El Segundo.JPG

Strength - Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

Logging your rate of perceived exertion (RPE) is a way of measuring your intensity for a set or group of sets.  It gives us the ability to auto-regulate your training weight. Essentially RPE is how hard something feels to you, or a subjective measure of your strength at a given time. We rate this on a scale from 1-10. The higher the number, the harder the set felt. It does require that you set your ego aside and be as honest as you can with your level of effort. It's perfectly fine for that level of effort to change day to day as well, as your body is holding on to fatigue, soreness, etc. 

Here's a helpful breakdown of each number on the RPE scale. Feel free to add it to your training notes!

  • 10 : Maximum Effort (right on the money, nothing left)
  • 9.5 : No further repetitions but could increase the load
  • 9 : 1 repetition remaining
  • 8.5 : 1-2 repetitions remaining
  • 8 : 2 repetitions remaining
  • 7.5 : 2-3 repetitions remaining
  • 7 : 3 repetitions remaining
  • 5-6 : 4-6 repetitions remaining
  • 3-4 : Light effort
  • 1-2 : Little to no effort
Somewhere in the world a volcano just erupted...

Somewhere in the world a volcano just erupted...

Early congrats to GTS Athlete Justin and his soon to be wife Traci on destination wedding in Greece (Oct 11th 2017)!

Early congrats to GTS Athlete Justin and his soon to be wife Traci on destination wedding in Greece (Oct 11th 2017)!