GTS Athlete Weigh In / Updates - Friday 10.6.17

It's Friday and this is the face of happiness... 

It's Friday and this is the face of happiness... 

Another great training week in the books! Lots of updates today!

Weigh In / Training Feedback Reminder

  • GTS Weigh In / Training Feedback Form
    • Submit M/F body weight, track energy, request help and feedback
    • Let me know if we can help in any way, if we need to create or update your calories/macro goals, or if you want to discuss anything you're struggling with on the training or nutrition front!
    • If you want to sync up at all in person or over the phone just let me know when you fill out your form, or email and we can schedule some time!
  • GTS Nutrition & Better Living eBook
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GTS Total Health Challenge - Nutrition Fat Loss Strength Los Angeles Personal Group Trainer.jpg

GTS Total Health Challenge

Really excited to share this!  We'll be hosting a 28 Day Nutrition/Training Challenge starting on Monday 10/23!

The challenge will lead us right into Thanksgiving so it will be an awesome way to lock things down as we lead into the holiday season.

Check out the challenge website for more details and SIGN UP TODAY!!!!

Body Fat Test Los Angeles El Segundo Game Time Strength Fat Loss Nutrition Personal Training Group Training.png

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Truck (Fri Oct 20) 

Currently we'll be hosting the hydrostatic body fat testing truck here at 4 Star Gym from 7am - 12pm, but depending on sign ups we might extend through the afternoon.

Sign up for Friday Oct 20th Body Fat Testing Here!

the bro runs deep

the bro runs deep

Awesome week of accomplishments! Here are some highlights...

  • Mark O'brien had an awesome MCR day: 225/7 squat, 180/8 bench, 320/8 DL.
  • Aidan hit a silky smooth 210/5 squat
  • Amir bench 210/1 and squat 225/1 pr!
  • TC hit a new squat PR 245/4 (Previous Best 248/1)
  • Jerome has been a machine lately showing up consistently and blowing his workouts out of the water.
  • David T Deadlift PR 335/3 and Squat PR 280/5
  • Noelle Crow Squat PR 200/5 (Previous Best 198.4/1). Bench PR 115/4 (Previous Best 115/1)
  • Another Noelle crazy fact... she trained 26/30 days this month!
  • Kelly E killing it with PR's's with 105 Bench, Squat 175/5 and Deadlift 205/2!
  • Leah C has lost 6-7 pounds last 6 Weeks!
  • LeeAnn K lost 13 pounds in the last month!
  • New Faces! Please welcome the following new GTS team members!
    • Chase B (late mornings and early afternoons)
    • Sherri S (mornings and evenings)
GTS Powerlifting and strength competition schedule .jpeg

Powerlifting & Strength Testing Schedule

  • (Optional) In Gym Testing Week - Oct.WK3 (16-21st) and beyond
    • We'll open you up a little on the main lifts to see where your 1RM is. 
    • Let me  know if you're interested. We were going to do an in-house meet but we have a lot of people doing the competition listed below. 
  • USPA Conejo Valley Open (Westlake Village, CA) - Sunday 10/22
    • Single Day MeetA few spots left!!! Sign up now!
    • Location: Athletix Gym, Westlake Village
    • Training Cycle (weeks left)
      • 3- Oct.WK1 (10/2) 
      • 2- Oct.WK2 (10/9) - Last Heavy Week
      • 1- Oct.WK3 (10/16)- Deload/Taper Week (1-2 training days)
      • Competition Days: Sun 10/22 (weigh in on Sat)