LAST CHANCE! GTS Total Health Challenge Starts Monday 1/22

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GTS Total Health Challenge

SIGN UP NOW --> Starts Monday 1/22!!!!!

This is a point based challenge. THE GOAL IS NOT TO BE PERFECT. You should aim to build healthy training, nutrition, and mindset habits and focus on improving or staying consistent with your score each week. See the scoring sheet below for how we tally the points each week... 

GTS Total Health Challenge Scoring Sheet

GTS Total Health Challenge Scoring Sheet

We have thorough documentation on what to do, a private Facebook group for tips and motivation. 

Training wise if you're a GTS Athlete you'll be following your current training plan. If you can't follow it for a specific day or two, let's discus alternate acceptable workouts.  If you're not a GTS Athlete, you'll be responsible for your own training but we recommend some type of resistance / weight based training to be the bulk of your training... but if you need to supplement you can also do a higher intensity interval based workout, or a longer 45+ minute lower intensity training (walking, biking, hiking, etc).  

There will be prizes as well, but let's use it as a way to get you back on track with your training, clean up the diet a bit, and take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend it! We had a lot of great results last time around!

Link to the scoring sheet.

Link to Sign up (Choose Challenge Ninja!)