5 reps per day...

5 reps per day was the standard I set for myself last month during our Clean & Lean Challenge.

Even when I was feeling like crap or had no time... I just had to get 5 pull ups in and I could call it a day.

For the last two months, the goal has been 5 pull ups per day...

The reality... when I got 5 reps in it worked out some cob webs... so I did another 5... blood was flowing so I did another 5... pretty soon I was doing 25-60 easy reps per day... in the last 45 days I've completed over 1,500 pull ups...

This habit was then passed on to lunges... and overhead pressing practice... and more... that's in addition to my regular strength training plan.

Sometimes all it takes is a seemingly easy win to get the momentum going. That's why this winter challenge only requires 10+ minutes of INTENTIONAL activity... we'll help get you moving... you just keep moving.

Hope you, your friends, family or co-workers can join in with us!

Sign up here... prep starts Sat... official challenge starts Mon!

- Coach