This is it, don't get scared now...

This is your friendly reminder to sign up for the 4 Week GTS Winter Training Challenge! Prep starts tomorrow, official start is Monday!

Let's face it, these next 4 weeks will be (hopefully) a wash on the nutrition and body fat front... so let's do what we can to control the training aspect of things!

This is an accountability & habit based training challenge designed to get you (and keep you) moving through the most chaotic time of year...

It's open to everyone... both GTS Athletes and mortals!

Yes, it's the toughest time of year to commit to anything, but I'm hoping we can make this our biggest turnout yet!

SIGN UP NOW and invite anyone you think might benefit from some added accountability over the holidays!

In the words of Kevin McCallister... “This is it, don't get scared now.”

- Coach