Goal setting - Coach's personal strength and GTS goals for 2018!

Happy new year everyone! Let’s talk 2018 goals. I’ve always found if I say my goals out loud or write them down I have a higher likelihood of seeing it through!

Personal Strength Goals

I’m looking to hit the following post heart surgery personal records...

  • Squat 500 in competition
  • Bench 319 in competition
  • Deadlift 630 in competition
  • OHP 215 in the gym
  • While keeping BF under 10% on the hydrostatic

GTS Business Goals

I have some pretty lofty goals for this year I wanted to share with you!

1. Obviously keep trying to make the biggest impact I can and continue to grow our local in gym team as well as our online community.

2. I want to ensure all of you to feel a strong sense of connection to your team and coaches. I plan to build more of a social online presence in our Private Team Training Facebook Account so you can all see and share what you’re doing and working on, and we can all keep each other motivated and accountable. I also plan to allow non-GTS Athletes to request to join in the community. 

3. I want to get over my own insecurities about posting rough cut, raw video content so I can give provide you with more background and logic behind our exercise selection, program design, as well as get out tips, form corrections and frequently asked questions fast!

4. I’ve unfortunately been super busy sitting behind a computer developing programs and new projects...  so this year I really want to make it a point to work more directly with all of you. I plan to carve out more time on the floor, and offer monthly workshops for those looking for a refresher in the big lifts.

As an added bonus, I figured it would also be a great opportunity for you to share what you’re doing with your friends or coworkers and invite them to experience the nuances of our program and see first hand how hard you work!

Our next workshop will be Sat Jan 13th from 9-12 so make sure you sign up or share with your friends soon because I’m trying to limit it to 12 people. FREE for GTS athletes | $49 for Non GTS Athletes. Sign up at www.workshops.gametimestrength.com

5. Since the holiday season has us all out of routine... to get us re-motivated and engaged I’ll be hosting more training and nutrition challenges, as well as a free GTS Swag Give away which I’ll announce later this week.

We had a huge success with our first GTS Total Health Training and Nutrition challenge, and we’ll be running our second one starting on Jan 22nd. So sign up now at www.gtsTotalHealthChallenge.com

6. I’m also super excited to announce another cool project Adam and I have been working very hard on. We’re still in development and testing right now, but we’ll be launching a GTS Web and Mobile App that looks super sexy! We will have all new videos of all of our exercises and make it super easy to log workouts and see what everyone else is up to!

Ok, big year! Those are my goals, what are your 2018 goals? Share them in the comments or on Private Team Training Facebook Account… We can all keep each other accountable!

Ps. Testing out this teleprompter app to see if i like it which is why you see that watermark thing... I like it though, felt less awkward then usual in front of the camera.

Let's get after it!