Clean and Lean - 21 Day Nutrition Reboot!

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Summer is closing in so it's perfect time to reboot your nutrition and look your best...

The last several weeks we have been working on a 3 week nutritional reboot designed for anyone ready to clean up their diet and build a few sustainable nutritional habits.

This program is 21 days, which can start on any Tuesday of the month (prep starting on the Sunday prior), has a few primary goals...

  • Remove most processed food.

  • Create some accountability and balance to your weekly nutritional habits.

  • Prioritize "REAL" whole foods.

  • Increase protein and veggies!

  • Introduce flexible dieting / calorie awareness components without having to track all your food!

  • Build sustainable meal prepping and cooking habits.

  • Gain an understanding that "dieting" doesn't have to mean eating bland and flavorless foods.

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What’s Included?

A few other nuances of the program...

  • We have a bunch of printable or downloadable documentation to help get you kicked off.

  • We'll use an app to...

    • Track your points throughout the 21 days.

    • Deliver daily tips and lessons to keep you on track!

    • Communicate and check in a few times per week and answer any questions or troubleshoot problems you run into.

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Challenge? Competition?

While you could consider this a "challenge", it isn't a competition, and the goal of this is not to achieve a perfect score...

Our goal is to create some accountability, a baseline score and knowledge base for future challenges, and give you an opportunity to rebuild or develop some nutritional awareness and skill.

Check out the scoring section for a breakdown of the different levels of achievement and which one you might want to aim for over the 21 days.

Stepping stone to more advanced programs!

It's also worth noting that this program is intended to serve as a stepping stone to future programs designed to slowly build off of each other!

Phase 2 will be a little longer in duration, intended to restore a little more balance in food options, add a twist to the scoring and bring in a few new flexible dieting and calorie awareness skills that will build off of these.

Ready to get started?

We can get started any Tuesday of the month. If you're interested, or would like to learn more, let me know and we can talk through more of the details!

GTS Athletes : $49

Non-GTS Athletes : $75

First official start day will be Tuesday 5/28 (after Memorial Day)! But we can start any Tuesday of the month!

- Coach