last chance...

Super excited about this challenge and I'm humbled by how many of you chose to participate! 🙏

At this point, those that have signed up have already started planning out their next week and preparing for success 📝

As you can tell, I'm super passionate about finding creative ways to keep our physical, nutritional and mental health top of mind. 😀

Truth is, I get unmotivated, bored and overwhelmed by life just like all of you. Sometimes finding time to train in my busy day can be a chore... 😕

These challenges are built on solutions that helped me in my own life! 🔑

They are tried and tested, and who doesn't love a little prize incentive at the end? 🎁

Commit to 4 weeks of moving and logging your training. 🏋

Focus on building the habits and carving out the time. 📅

Make it automatic so it's no longer a decision you have to make each day. 🤔

This is your last chance... challenge starts Monday! 🤘

- Coach

PS. Sorry I'm not sorry for all of these emoji bombs... they are addicting. 💣

just 2 days...

until we officially start the Winter Training Challenge! 😀

I know it's an ambitious undertaking to start a challenge over the holiday season, but what's the alternative? Let all hell break loose? 🤔

While everyone else is gaining 5-10 lbs, getting soft, weak and "talking" about how they used to be in great shape... you'll be taking action, feeling accomplished and way ahead of those other New Years Resolution-ers that are late to the party in January and have at least a month of work to do before they get back to where they were in October. 😐

Make some moves. Do something different this year! 😉

I'm hoping to get everyone on-boarded to our app and reviewing prep material today and tomorrow so you're ready kill the program next week. So if you haven't already, don't wait until the last minute... SIGN UP NOW! 😎

- Coach

This is it, don't get scared now...

This is your friendly reminder to sign up for the 4 Week GTS Winter Training Challenge! Prep starts tomorrow, official start is Monday!

Let's face it, these next 4 weeks will be (hopefully) a wash on the nutrition and body fat front... so let's do what we can to control the training aspect of things!

This is an accountability & habit based training challenge designed to get you (and keep you) moving through the most chaotic time of year...

It's open to everyone... both GTS Athletes and mortals!

Yes, it's the toughest time of year to commit to anything, but I'm hoping we can make this our biggest turnout yet!

SIGN UP NOW and invite anyone you think might benefit from some added accountability over the holidays!

In the words of Kevin McCallister... “This is it, don't get scared now.”

- Coach

Tonto, Jump on it...

Addressing a few questions about this upcoming a Winter Training Challenge…

Is this for me?

Yes, anyone can benefit. It’s designed to support 3 different levels…

  • Level 1 - Those just getting started with training and looking to start building more routine training habits.

  • Level 2 - Those who currently have a training program (GTS or otherwise), but life is getting in the way, and want to get back into the training habit.

  • Level 3 - Those already training consistently and looking to add extra volume to workouts or some training to do on “off” days!

Do I have to be a GTS Athlete or live near El Segundo to take part?

Nope! Anyone can join and you can do this from anywhere. Invite your friends, family, co-coworkers so we can level up the prizes and hold each other accountable.

But 10 minutes a day sounds too easy…

Easy, yes… but will you do it consistently? And over the holidays? That is the question! Tough for us to control the nutrition over the holidays but we can control how much we move!

You’ll need to complete 10+ minutes of INTENTIONAL activity. So that means you need to be purposeful and carve out the time… plus, you can do more! And odds are once you get the blood flowing you probably will. See my blog post about 5 reps per day…

When it comes down to it, people that are successful SHOW UP consistently over the long term. Let’s build that habit.

Do I need a gym? I’ll be on vacation or traveling.

Only if you want to train in a gym.

You can do any activity you want from mobility drills, yoga, strength training, bodybuilding, sport, and even something as simple as walking.

The goal is to get you moving, make it a habit, and continue building off of it.

Why do we have to log our training?

What gets measured, gets done.

Tracking and journaling your training, brings a new level of awareness, helps keep you accountable, and gives you an objective way to track your progress over time! Any successful athlete tracks their progress (or has a coach to track their progress) over time.

What’s included?

You can read more about that in the details section here…

How do you do the scoring?

You can read more about that in the details section here…

Are your biceps real?

You bet they are… and I appreciate you reading this far.

Can’t I just do this on my own?

Sure, if you think you’ll stick to it. In my experience, those that commit or invest in something have a much higher likelihood of sticking to it.

Being a part of a team or challenge helps increase the accountability and incentive to do well.

We have a cool app that will give you daily lessons or workout suggestions to get you moving.

Plus you can win cool stuff at the end like Nike Metcons, Gift Cards, GTS gear and more!

The cost is $49 (or $39 for current GTS Athletes), $12.50 per week… just opt out of one fast food lunch a week and it pays for itself.

This is so awesome, can I invite my friends, family or coworkers to join?

Why thank you! And please do! Let’s raise the stakes, plus it will make it way easier to stay accountable if you have some friends and family involved and doing the same thing as you.

More questions? Let us know…

Otherwise… Tonto, Jump on it…

5 reps per day...

5 reps per day was the standard I set for myself last month during our Clean & Lean Challenge.

Even when I was feeling like crap or had no time... I just had to get 5 pull ups in and I could call it a day.

For the last two months, the goal has been 5 pull ups per day...

The reality... when I got 5 reps in it worked out some cob webs... so I did another 5... blood was flowing so I did another 5... pretty soon I was doing 25-60 easy reps per day... in the last 45 days I've completed over 1,500 pull ups...

This habit was then passed on to lunges... and overhead pressing practice... and more... that's in addition to my regular strength training plan.

Sometimes all it takes is a seemingly easy win to get the momentum going. That's why this winter challenge only requires 10+ minutes of INTENTIONAL activity... we'll help get you moving... you just keep moving.

Hope you, your friends, family or co-workers can join in with us!

Sign up here... prep starts Sat... official challenge starts Mon!

- Coach

winter fluff

The winter and holiday months can be real easy to de-prioritize training and nutrition.

Holiday parties, traffic, darkness, cold, work deadlines are all great justifications to let ourselves go for a month or two and deal with the consequences in January or February.

That said, we're a product of our habits, and you worked hard to build those health and training habits throughout the year... don't let your hard work go to waste!

Now, nutrition might be hard to control during this time of year, but we can all find 10+ minutes a day to get moving... so let's start there!

For those of you (local or remote) that want to get a jump start on January, build some solid training habits going into the new year, or just looking for a reason to add some extra training volume to your program to put those holiday calories to good use —> Check out our new winter training challenge...

- Coach