Shoulder, Neck and Trap Pain - The Problem and Potential Solutions

Shoulder, neck and trap pain is such a common issue, and I believe a lot of it has to do with our day to day posture. Spend enough time doing anything and you’ll get good at it. Sadly, based on our day to day activities and objects we interact with (phone, desk, driving, couch, etc) it’s really easy to become exceptional at poor posture and it creates a whole mess of issues with the shoulders, neck and traps, especially when you’re actively performing pulling and pressing movements with any type of load.

My goal here is to simplify a somewhat complicated topic to bring you some body awareness and give you the ability to start applying these principles and doing the work on yourself. Implementing simple day to day habits you can build upon will make a big difference over time.

I’ll use this blog post as a home for any shoulder, neck or trap related topics. This will be an evolving topic and as I get more time I can create more information on the topic. Please be constructive in the comments, if you have other ideas, suggested improvements or additional problems you would like information on, add a comment and I’ll either update the current set of videos or add new ones!

Hope this helps!


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