Clean & Lean Challenge - Weekly Check-In


Time to Check-IN!

Hope you all had an awesome week! Would love to get some feedback on how things are going for you!
Fill out this short form when you get a second!


Submit High/Low Body Weight

Use your journal or MyFitnessPal to input both your high and low body weight for the week.

Collecting both of these numbers is important because...
We can track the average weight lost/gained per week.
We can compare the highs with the highs and lows with the lows.
Tracking the highs can bring awareness and prevent "blow outs" or can be used to compare monthly during "lady week". 

If you're using MyFitnessPal to track your weight, see the following image on how to find weekly high and low bodyweight.

GTS Rev Diet Tracking high and low bodyweight.JPG

Name *
Select the week you're reporting on. Typically the week will be from Tuesday - Monday. New week starts Tuesday.
How did you do?
Your highest bodyweight for the week.
Your lowest bodyweight for the week.
Optional, add your high waist measurement for the week.
Optional, add your low waist measurement for the week.
What went well this week? What did you learn? Hit any new milestones?
Anything you're having a rough time with or want to improve?
What can you DO to be more successful?
These questions will be answered & shared with all challenge participants. Your name will NOT show up on these shared responses.