Nick V - Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Performance - August 2018 GTS Athlete of the Month

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August 2018
GTS Athlete of the Month

Nick Venditti

Nick has had a transformative year in both strength and body composition. After attending a GTS Barbell Workshop in Dec 2017, he committed himself to the GTS Remote Coaching Program performing most, if not all of his training out of his garage gym.

Throughout the year Nick has made significant improvements in his strength and technique but really hit his stride over the last 12 weeks during the Reverse Diet Challenge. He meticulously tracked his calories and macros while balancing summer time social events. Over the 12 weeks, Nick’s calories slowly went from 2400 to 3000+ per day.

The result?
~ 20 lbs of FAT LOST | Muscle Gain
440 lb squat | 300lb bench | 495 x 3 reps deadlift
People Magazine's Sexiest Beard Award

Nick now plans to share his passion with others, develop his coaching skills, and recently began shadowing during the morning coaching hours!

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