GTS Clean & Lean Challenge Winners!

Really proud to announce the winners of our 3 Week Clean & Lean Challenge that took place in Oct-Nov 2018!

The challenge focused on building daily nutrition & training habits leading into the holiday season.

Objectives were simple…

1. Eat “REAL” Food.

2. 10+ minutes of INTENTIONAL Activity per day

We measured progress using a point system and had a bunch of fun bonus opportunities each week. It wasn’t a weight loss focused challenge, but we had a ton of success on that front.

Clean & Lean Oct Nov 2018 - GTS Challenge Template v1.0.png

Our Winners / Prizes!

1st place - 51 total points
Danielle W (3 lbs lost)
Pair of Nike Metcons

2nd place - 49 total points
Robyn S (5.4 lbs lost)
Pair of Nike Metcons

3rd place - 46 total points
David S (6 lbs and 2 inches lost)
$60 Whole Foods Gift Card

Tied for 4th place - 45 total points
Andrew J (8.8 lbs lost)
Jackie S (6 lbs lost)
$40 Whole Foods Gift Card

GTS T-Shirt/Tank Bonus Point Winners
Danielle W
Phil W
Sam T
Jackie S
David S

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