GTS Total Health Challenge - Oct/Nov 2018

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Insta - GTS Total Health Challenge Flyer - Oct%2FNov 2018 v2.png

GTS Total Health Challenge - Oct/Nov 2018

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The holiday season will be here soon, let’s get to work!

For those of you looking to establish or improve upon your health habits, we’ve got an exciting opportunity coming up for you! 

Over the next 4 weeks we’ll use a point-based system designed to enhance your nutrition, training, sleep, mindset and recovery. There will be prizes for the top performers of weeks 1-2, 3-4, and the overall challenge, but everyone participating will benefit from taking this time to focus on improving their health habits!

When: October 23rd – November 20th (4 weeks)

Who: Athletes who are looking to build consistency in their nutrition, training, sleep, and recovery so that they can get closer to their goals. Train from anywhere!


Open to GTS Athletes as well as any friends or family that might want to participate!

  • $39 for GTS Athletes

  • $69 for non-GTS Athletes (training on your own)

  • $319 for non-GTS Athletes (w/ GTS coaching/training/program design)

Whether it’s weight-loss, muscle gain, or simply living a healthier lifestyle, achieving your goals is built on good habits and consistency! During these six weeks, we encourage you to seek out and share information, motivate, inspire each other and problem-solve along the way so that you can take charge of your lifestyle now and in the long-term.  Your coaches will help you along the way with any questions you may have.

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Challenge Details:

We’ll send out more information, rules, food guides, and facebook team page access to challenge participants, but here are the basics:

  • Nutrition:

    • The goal is to have a lean protein source at every meal. Vegetables are highly encouraged. Think “lean and green!”

    • You can have as many meals as you like in a day, but they all must contain either a lean protein source, vegetable, or both. 

    • For one meal each day, you are allowed to have a certain amount of flexible calories with your protein.  Oats, potatoes, cereal, ice cream, chocolate, fruit, etc. are all allowed, but only up to the calories you’ve been prescribed. There are no “bad” foods, only inappropriate amounts!

    • Weekly nutrition bonus opportunities!

  • Training:

    • Goal —> 4 training days each week.

    • Training can consist of any GTS day, as well as either 20+ minutes of high-intensity conditioning or 30+ minutes of low-intensity conditioning.

    • Weekly bonus training opportunities!

  • Recovery (Sleep/Mindset):

    • 7+ total hours of sleep a day (includes naps)

    • For parents of newborns, we understand this can be a challenge. Talk to a GTS coach and we’ll work something out with you!

    • Weekly bonus challenges focusing on mindset, journaling, connection, and more!

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