GTS Winter Training Challenge - Dec 2018 / Jan 2019 [SOLD OUT]

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Insta - GTS Winter Movement Challenge - Dec 2018 v2.png
sold out

GTS Winter Training Challenge - Dec 2018 / Jan 2019 [SOLD OUT]

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We will be attempting to build 2 daily habits...
1. 10+ minutes of INTENTIONAL daily activity or training (more if you're feeling good)
2. Log Training Daily (Total Time / Exercise / Reps / Sets / Intensity)

Prep - Sat Dec 8 - Dec 10
Official Start - Mon Dec 9 - Jan 6 (4 weeks)

Current GTS Athlete $39 | NON-GTS $49

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Open to everyone, local or remote, GTS or otherwise. All fitness levels welcome!

GTS Local or Remote Athletes, or anyone else that would like to use this challenge as an incentive to get their current training in, or as a framework and reminder to get additional training in at the gym or at home.

Non-GTS Athletes can use this as a flexible comprehensive training system they can do from anywhere!


Athletes that achieve (or maintain) the body they want generally have a few things in common...
1. They train consistently, generally 3-7 days per week.
2. They focus on the "big, bang for your buck" movements to get the most out of their training.
3. They monitor and track their training, focus on making small improvements, and progressively overload their bodies over time.
4. They gain awareness of how their bodies move and constantly refine how they move.
5. They do similar things with nutrition.

Since we don't have as much control over our nutrition during the holiday season, we're going to offer you another incentive to say accountable on your training.

When it comes down to it, people that are successful SHOW UP consistently over the long term.
They use sustainable training and nutrition strategies that allow them to build and sustain healthy habits over long periods of time.
Training becomes a daily habit and priority, much like brushing your teeth.

This challenge operates on two important principles...

1. Show Up!... if something is important... you do it every day..
The best workout isn't the one that cripples you for days on end... it's the one that allows you to keep showing up and progressing over time.

2. What gets measured, gets done.
Tracking and journaling your training, brings a new level of awareness, helps keep you accountable, and gives you an objective way to track your progress over time!

Challenge Overview:

This challenge is to get us (or keep us) moving throughout the holiday season.
It can act as a reminder to perform your current strength training program or in conjunction with your current program.
It can be performed as a standalone training program.
It can be performed at home or in a gym or preferably a combination of the two.

Our goal is to keep training and health a priority during one of our busiest times of year.

We will be attempting to build 2 daily habits...
1. 10+ minutes of INTENTIONAL daily activity or training (more if you're feeling good)
2. Log Training Daily (Total Time / Exercise / Reps / Sets / Intensity)

What’s included?

  • Access to our interactive coaching app which will deliver daily lessons, videos, training ideas, templates and keep track of your habits.

  • Each day you'll be asked if you completed your habits for the previous day.

  • Our coaching app will allow you to monitor your daily streaks and points throughout the challenge.

  • Direct access to your coaching staff via the application.

  • A suggested GPP (General Physical Preparedness) Template that focuses primarily on all of the primary movement patterns.

  • A comprehensive list of exercise variations to keep programming diversified and interesting.

  • Weekly check-ins.

  • Prizes like Nike Metcons, Gift Cards, GTS Apparel will be available for top performers and raffled off to those that earn bonus points.


  • We'll keep track of your habits and points via our coaching app.

  • You'll receive 1 point for each daily habits, so a total of 2 points can be earned daily.

  • Challenge length is 4 weeks so there are a total of 56 points that can be earned overall.

  • Bonus opportunities will be available for Weekly Check-Ins & Challenges.

Why 10+ Minutes?

Generally the biggest hurdle to start training is actually showing up to do it.
By having a short and easily achievable time, it reduces the barrier of entry each day.
We're looking to create a daily win that you can build off of!
Most of the time when people start their 10 minutes and the blood starts flowing a little bit, it's almost hard to stop... if that's the case, keep going!
If there are days you're feeling sore or tired, you know you only have 10 minutes to get a win for the day... Sometimes it will help loosen you up from the previous day as well. Again this challenge is about building habits and showing up!

Why logging and tracking your training?

Over the years I rarely trust my memory, but I trust my progress pics, training & nutrition logs!
We want to help you gain awareness of what you're doing on a daily basis and be able to objectively measure your progress.
By having a record of your training, you (or your coach) can look back and figure out how to continually challenge your body and force progress over time. (Progressive Overload)
We'll track things like load (weight used), intensity, reps, sets, total weekly volume, total monthly volume, reduce the rest periods, etc.


  • 2 days of preparation starting Sat Dec 8 - Dec 10

  • Challenge officially starts Monday Dec 9 - Jan 6 (4 weeks)

Daily Objectives:

  • 10+ minutes of INTENTIONAL activity per day.

  • Log your training in a journal or spreadsheet.


Open to GTS Athletes as well as any friends or family that might want to participate!

  • $39 for GTS Athletes

  • $49 for non-GTS Athletes

Whether it’s weight-loss, muscle gain, or simply living a healthier lifestyle, achieving your goals is built on good habits and consistency! During these 4 weeks, we encourage you to seek out and share information, motivate, inspire each other and problem-solve along the way so that you can take charge of your lifestyle now and in the long-term.  Your coaches will help you along the way with any questions you may have.


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