We are NOT here to count your reps…

We DO NOT have eucalyptus towels.
This is NOT Crossfit.
NO gimmicks, short cuts, or fads.

We teach you how to lift weights, train smarter and get the work done.

We prepare you for “Game Time”.

Train like an Athlete...

There is an athlete inside all of us.

We believe your best, strongest and fittest years are still ahead of you.

We believe your success is dictated by consistent daily habits.

We teach you the importance of balancing intensity and how working in extremes all the time will leave you broken.

Our mission is to transform ordinary people into lean, strong, confident athletes.


Experience a coaching and training model like nothing else.

Individualized program design and personal attention set in a team training environment.

Step by step, learn how to safely and efficiently use free weights and barbells with proper form.

We aren’t here to crush you with weight. Learn to move well first… then we’ll slowly add load.

We blend strength training, powerlifting, bodybuilding and conditioning to create well-balanced, durable athletes who lift strong and look strong.


Miss the camaraderie and accountability of being a part of a team?

Imagine a college strength room… work side by side with your coaching staff and like-minded teammates all trying to level up!


We’re here to build you up, not break you down.

We measure your success, keep you focused, accountable and reinforce healthy habits that stand the test of time.

We promise you’ll feel confident performing your program with or without your coaching staff in any gym setting! 


No longer are you restricted by time restricted or class based models.

Open and Unlimited Coaching Hours allow you to work around your busy schedule.

Access to your program gives you the freedom of training on your own time!   

While our home base is in El Segundo (Los Angeles), we provide remote training and nutrition coaching to clients throughout the United States. 

Getting Lean

Fat Loss & Body Transformation

Start where you are. We offer training and nutrition programs designed to lose body fat, move well, get strong, and build lean muscle. 

Strength for Life

General Strength & Fitness

"Game Time" can be on the field, or spending time with your family. Become strong, move well, and be ready for whatever life throws at you. 

Strength for Sport

Sport & Endurance Athletes | Powerlifters

Strength & Conditioning programs designed to get you strong, minimize injury, and maximize your time on the field or competition floor. 


Game Time Strength is home to many novice to elite level powerlifters.  As you learn how to safely execute the Squat, Bench and Deadlift and build up your strength and confidence, you have the option of testing your maxes in a competition setting.  Your coaching staff will be there every step of the way and make sure you are prepared for everything.  

Competing is not just for the elite!  We encourage everyone to see what they are made of.  It helps in establishing objective strength and body weight goals, holds you accountable, and gives you a forum to legitimize your training.

GTS holds safe, friendly in-house competitions for members to test their maxes, and has competition teams that compete in federations such as USAPL and USPA.  

GTS Coaching Hours

M | W | F : 6-9am

M | T | W | Th | F : 330-730pm

Sat : 730 - 10am



4 Star Gym
(Downtown El Segundo)
436 Main St. El Segundo, CA