Coaching Staff

Jason Kelske
Head Strength Coach, Owner

NSCA, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
Open Heart Surgery Survivor
USPA Certified Powerlifting Coach
Competitive USPA/IPL & USAPL Powerlifter
CPR/AED Certified, FMS Certified, TRX Instructor

Jason is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA),  life long scholar of human movement and performance, as well as a former collegiate athlete & D1 Men’s Club Lacrosse Coach. In 2009 he earned a spot in the Top 20 (220lb) Powerlifters and set a new WPF World Record in the Deadlift.  Currently, he has competed as a drug free powerlifter in the 198, 220 & 242 lb weight classes and is listed on the All Time Ranks.

In 2014, after a routine physical, Jason was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart condition which required immediate attention.  On January 29th 2015, he underwent a 4 hour open heart surgery procedure to repair his bicuspid aortic valve. The surgery was a humbling, yet amazing experience.  During the forced time off Jason continued to hone his coaching, technique and programming skills. It gave him the ability to relate to many of his novice clients as he re-experienced what it was like to start from scratch at 35 years old. He has since made a full recovery and stronger than ever!   

In addition to his accomplishments on the field and as a strength athlete, Jason has also competed as an endurance athlete, and has the training and nutritional knowledge that has allowed him to successfully (& naturally) both gain and lose over 40 lbs in last few years! Although the pursuit of strength and speed has always been a passion of his, Jason doesn’t subscribe to a single training philosophy.  He has studied and implements a variety of training modalities and techniques designed to improve all aspects of human performance while striving to prevent the risk of injury in the gym and on the field. Workouts are fun, full of energy and offer innovative exercise techniques guaranteed to get you looking, feeling and performing your best.

Dennis Kerr
Assistant Strength Coach

USPA Certified Powerlifting Coach
Competitive USPA/IPL Powerlifter

When you think of the typical strength, health and fitness professional you most likely don’t think of someone that used to be morbidly obese that eventually turned their life around, but in Dennis’ case that’s exactly what you get.

Weighing in at 165 pounds in high school, he watched his weight slowly creep up once his days of playing football, baseball and judo ended. The poor eating habits he had gotten away with in his active youth now began to slowly take their toll on his sedentary body. His weight eventually topped out at 288 pounds, he had a list of prescription medications he took, and he suffered from physical ailments that grew at an alarming rate.

Of course all along the way to becoming morbidly obese he tried every fad diet that came along, but as is almost always the case with such diets he ultimately failed to either lose weight or maintain whatever meager weight loss he was able to temporarily achieve. Then, thanks to Game Time Strength, he discovered something old, something that has stood the test of time, resistance training and macro nutrient manipulation, and lo and behold he started to see the results that had eluded him for so long.

Before joining the coaching staff at GTS, Dennis spent over 25 years honing his skills as an educator and trainer, helping both individuals and organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals, and it’s this experience combined with GTS’ proven training and nutrition programs, as well as his own success at overcoming obesity that make him such a passionate and effective trainer and coach.

Recently Dennis has deadlifted 600lbs and is in the best physical shape of his life. He not only no longer takes any medications or suffers from any physical ailments, but he holds the USPA California state record in the deadlift for his age and weight, and has been ranked in the top 30 nationally in two different weight classes according to When he’s not helping others achieve their strength and weight loss goals, you’ll most likely find him off on some adventure doing things that his once obese self could only dream about.

GTS Coaching Adam L.JPG

Adam Lund
Assistant Strength Coach

Adam was always involved in sports and played soccer his whole life. After years of little to no consistency in the gym and minimal results to match, in 2016 he decided to make the investment in a coach and a team and became a GTS Athlete. Since then he’s dedicated himself to the pursuit of looking good, feeling good and performing his best.

Since joining the team his deadlift steadily rose from a round back 185 lbs to a super clean 405 lbs!

Due to his strong attention to detail, in 2017, Adam was brought on to assist the coaching staff on the extensive individualized programming tasks that take place behind the scenes. Adam has a strong eye for spotting patterns and anomalies and quickly became an indispensable programming manager to the team.

Some of his favorite activities include weekend soccer pick up games, dogs, cooking and lifting!

GTS Coach Phil G Bio Pic.JPG

Phil Gautieri
Assistant Strength Coach

N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer Certification
CPR/AED Certified

Phil’s passion for health and fitness began at 10 years old, after his Dad gave him Dr. Franco Columbo's 1977 book "Winning Bodybuilding". He was fortunate to learn the power of discipline and building consistent habits and realized quickly how it could transform his body and mind. His teenage years were spent playing Football and Baseball.

Phil spent the last 15 years in the music industry, traveling the world. But he never lost his passion for staying healthy and fitness. Being on the road taught him how to stay strong and fit with minimal equipment.

Phil joined the GTS Coaching staff in 2018. He’s fun, has great energy and quickly established himself as a top notch coach.

When he’s not coaching GTS athletes, he’s usually busy in the kitchen or by his BBQ and smoker perfecting and concocting new recipes. 

GTS Coach Bio Nick V .JPG

Nick Venditti
Assistant Strength Coach

Nick is an accomplished jazz musician who has worked as a film and television editor for the last 12 years. Being an editor is a very sedentary and stressful job and Nick searched for years for ways to live a more healthy lifestyle.

He wanted to find a form of exercise that not only motivated him to stay active, but would help relieve some of that work stress. In 2013, he became interested in strength training and that interest quickly became a passion.

5+ years later, after a GTS Barbell Workshop, Nick began turning his passion into a career. He began as a GTS Athlete transforming his body and increasing his strength. He began studying the GTS training, programming and nutrition methodology and after about 8 months, he began shadowing the staff. Nick has a great eye for detail and quickly established himself as a coach that lives by example and walks the walk!

Nick lives in Torrance with his wife and 3 year old twins and currently working towards getting his USPA Powerlifting Certification and has his sights set on the NSCA C.S.C.S.

GTS Coach Aidan V.JPG

Aidan Vosooghi
Assistant Strength Coach

B.A. World Arts and Cultures, UCLA
CPR/AED Certified
EMT Certified

Overweight for most of his life and with a history of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer in his family, Aidan took charge of his own health at the start of college and hasn’t looked back since. After losing more than 50lbs, Aidan has found a passion for nutrition, fitness, strength training, and helping others reach their goals.

Aidan advocates strongly for individualized and sustainable approaches to nutrition, training, and pain management, with an emphasis on contextual factors influencing each of these areas.

As a GTS athlete, Aidan has competed in the USPA as a 67kg lifter, smashed personal records, and fallen in love with the art and science of getting stronger and maintaining a healthy body composition.

In 2018, Aidan’s was asked to assist with some content creation GTS Nutrition and Training Challenges. He took to it almost instantly and is now in charge of building sustainable habit and nutrition based coaching tools to use with our GTS Athletes.

Away from the iron, Aidan is also a certified EMT with the State of California, has conducted clinical and global health research, and is currently a pre-med student on the journey to becoming a medical doctor.

He has also toured and competed with the Pacific Crest and Santa Clara Vanguard World Class Drum and Bugle Corps as a brass performer.

Team Captains

At GTS we have several Veteran Athletes, you can trust with questions, technique and form.  

GTS Captain Bio Jaimes S.JPG

Jaimes Spring
GTS Team CaptaiN

Jaimes is an engineer who has been honing his skills in the dark arts of powerlifting since 2013.
A pitcher since he was a kid, baseball has always been his true passion. Once reality hit towards
the end of college in 2013 and he realized he wasn't going to be drafted by the Yankees, he picked
up the big three instead!

Graduating high school at ~150 lbs and not breaking 180 until senior year of college (when he swore
off the cardio for good), he now competes in the USPA as a 100kg lifter. Jaimes has competed over a dozen times since his first competition in early 2014 and has competed raw, classic raw, and single ply.

Jaimes began his GTS training in late 2013 when he was tipping the scales at a whopping 183 lbs. Getting to the gym 3-5 times a week and fine tuning his movement patterns was the easy part. It took some trial and error to nail down the nutrition side of things. Clean eating, macro tracking, meal prepping, etc. are all habits now, but that's not to say there weren't some PEDs (performance enhancing DONUTS everyone, chill) used along the way!

Somewhat of a perfectionist and a forever student of the game, Jaimes is continually learning new ways to improve his mechanics, leverages, and form. He's had plenty of experience dealing with minor injuries, mobility and joint issues, all of which have caused him to do even more research to prevent them from happening again.

You'll see him in the gym most days of the week, so don't hesitate to reach out to Jaimes with questions, or if you just want to know what the hell he’s doing with the bands.

When Jaimes isn’t in the gym, you can still catch him on the mound pitching for the reigning 2018 BCBL Champion Stallions!