Clean and Lean Challenge - Exit Survey

Help us help you!

You are the reason we run these challenges.

We would really love you to take a few minutes on our end of challenge survey. We want to know what you like, dislike, completely feel clueless on, and what we might be able to do to improve your commitment or adherence. 

Our aim is to create a challenge that is as easy to follow as possible. We want you to build lasting habits that will get you closer to your fitness, fat loss, and overall health goals.

How would you rate your overall experience throughout the challenge?
Duration of the challenge...
How was the duration of the challenge for you?
Degree of difficulty...
How hard was the challenge for you?
Did you read the daily lessons in the challenge app?
How beneficial were the daily movement lessons?
Did you feel like the challenge app helped you be more accountable?
Anything in particular stand out? Lessons, videos, communication, app, emails, structure, etc...
Things you'd like to see, was there anything missing for you, etc..
e.g. finding the time, meal prep, nutrition, getting in the activity, etc.
Which form of communication worked best for you?
We might be running a movement-only challenge in December. Is this something you're interested in doing?