GTS Athlete Intake Form

Help us help you!

The purpose of this intake form is to alert your coaching staff to any pertinent medical history you might have, as well as to help us get to know your individual goals for training with GTS.

These are standard questions and are purely meant for us to help you.

(First, Last)
Around bellybutton
Do you have any medical issues, past or present? Please let us know below:
Are you currently taking any medications? Please let us know below:
What has your recent training looked like (days per week, style of training etc.)? Has there anything that has worked really well for you in the past? Not so well?
Is there anything you want us to know about your nutrition/diet history? Dietary restrictions, challenges, setbacks?
What are you goals for working with GTS? From training and nutrition to body composition and lifestyle, we want to get to know YOU!