GTS Coaching Hours

M | W | F : 6-9am

M | T | W | Th | F : 330-730pm

Sat : 730 - 10am


4 Star Gym

436 Main St. El Segundo, CA

4 Star Gym (Four Star Gym) is the home of Game Time Strength and the leading Strength & Powerlifting Training Gym in the South Bay. Located on 436 Main St, El Segundo the gym has been in business since 1969! Learn more about the history of 4 Star Gym here.

4 Star Gym is a 24 Hour Access Key Club Strength Gym, with a 40+ year history. It has everything you need to begin a strength program and/or take your training to the next level. It is home to 100's of lifters and competitive strength athletes.

If you train on your own, it is a great place to implement any program from Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength, Dan John, Jim Wendler's 5-3-1, Louie Simon's Conjugate Method from West Side, StrongFirst, RKC, Pavel's Power to the People, etc.