Welcome to the Team!

Here are some resources to get yourself acclimated! 

Nutrition / Weigh In / Training Feedback Form

Sign up for the Bi-weekly SMS GTS Check In Reminder by entering your name and mobile number.  You'll be sent an SMS Reminder and link to our Weekly Feedback Form on Monday and Friday mornings to keep your coaching staff updated on everything that's going on. 

The form also contains links to the GTS Nutrition Video Playlist as well as the GTS Nutrition E-Book

Requesting access to your training program

When you're starting to feel more comfortable with the exercises, and reading/logging your program, ask your coaching staff for access. You'll require a gmail address.

Follow us on social media

Links below to our facebook, Instagram and other social accounts.


Equipment Recommendations

Most equipment we'll have on hand for you to borrow, but a here a few things that you might want... 

  • Large Water Bottle
    • Unfortunately we do not have a water fountain in the gym, so make sure to bring water with you!
  • All Purpose Training Shoes
    • The Crossfit style training shoes are pretty decent all purpose sneakers that can be used for training the majority of lifts as well as any conditioning work.
    • We are looking for something with a relatively firm or flat sole so you have stable ground contact. Running shoes will work initially but generally have too much cushion. 
    • When doing modified sumo deadlifts we highly recommend a shoe with a minimal heel. 
    • Recommended: Nike Metcons, Reebok Nanos, wrestling shoes, etc.
  • Weightlifting shoes (Optional)
    • Weightlifting shoes have very firm and stable soles and an elevated heel that improve ankle range of motion and depth in the squat.  
  • Shinguards (Optional)
    • Used for deadlifting
    • We have plenty on hand at the gym.
    • Recommended: Shinnovate shinguards
  • Knee Sleeves (Optional)
    • Your coaching staff will let you know when we recommend picking up a pair of knee sleeves.  
  • Lifting Belt (Optional)
    • We have several sizes at the gym you can borrow or try out before purchasing.
    • Your coaching staff will let you know when we recommend picking up a belt.